Our Story

When we would go camping and bring our bikes with us, we had nowhere to put them except in the back of our pickup because our trailer’s bumper wouldn’t handle the weight. Plus, we found that most bike rack manufacturers would not warranty their bike racks attached on the back of trailers. This started us on a search to find something that might allow us to carry them on the front of our trailer. Since we didn’t want to drill holes in the frame or block access to our propane tanks, our search met with little success.

It became obvious if we wanted to carry our bikes on the front of our trailer, we were going to have to come up with something ourselves. After trial and error, we came up with a unique, superior strength design that would allow us to carry our bikes “up in front” on the A-frame of our trailer without the need to drill holes in our frame or interfering with our propane tanks.

When we began using it, we started hearing camper stories of their bumpers being torn off and/or bikes falling off while traveling down the road. It was also unique, we were told, because the bike rack could be moved from the trailer to the back of the truck (or car) allowing access to biking away from the campground. Other campers would ask us where we bought it or how they could get one. One thing led to another and we started to sell them to others. To our delight, it was a hit!

Thus, UP N Front was born and it works even better than we could have imagined! 

Our bikes are now clearly visible in our rear view mirror, easy to get to, do not block access to our propane tanks and lost cargo space is restored in the bed of our pick-up truck!

We think you’ll find out that it’s the best place to carry them too! Give us a try; you’ll be glad you did!